EMF Protection

Microwave travels up the cable of corded headphones and earphones to your head. Cool Call protects you by absorbing electromagnetic energy from the cable.

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Independently Tested

The only University tested and verified technology for absorbing EMF from your headphone and earphone cables.  Cool Call, keeping you safe.

Improves Audio

Cool Call removes interference on the cable of corded headphones and earphones and improves the audio quality. Music sounds clearer and smoother without loss of detail.

Better audio and less exposure to microwave, Cool Call is the best of both worlds.

Use Headphones Safely

Now you can use your own headphones and earphones with your phone, laptop or tablet, knowing that radiation on the cable will be absorbed.

Independently verified

By the Business and Technology Department of the University of Gloucestershire

'The results of our tests clearly show that the RadF3 technology contained in the Cool Call Unit of Sounding Good Ltd absorbs the electromagnetic energy, within microwave frequencies, which travels up the cord of a set of earphones from a phone to the user.’

Mobirise Mobirise

How Does Cool Call Work?

Advanced electromagnetic energy absorbtion technology.

  1. Plug Cool Call into the audio out jack socket of a mobile cell phone - iPhone 7 to X owners use an Apple Lighting connector adaptor - then plug your headset jack into the socket in the Cool Call unit. Microwave from the phone, which travels up the metal core of your corded headset, will be absorbed by Cool Call and you can still use earphones with microphones to make your calls.
  2. Mobile phones emit microwave radiation even if you are not on a call, so if you listen to music on your phone with headphones then you are exposing yourself to microwave radiation - unless you use Cool Call.
  3. When listening to music in an area of poor reception with a corded earphones, for example on the Tube, then your mobile phone will increase its power in an attempt to connect to the network and the damage to the body may be increased. 
  4. Electromagnetic frequencies (specifically those between 800 MHz and 4 GHz, commonly known as microwaves) are emitted from the phone or device and travel straight up the cable past the thyroid and salivary glands, eye and enter the audio canal - close to the brain.
  1. These are absorbed by the H.A.R.D. Protection technology within Cool Call. Cool Call contains one of a series of powerful dielectrics which we utilise in our own gelatinous formulas contained in sealed chambers within the device.
  2. Cool Call uses a titanium oxide based dielectric, CCTO, suspended in a unique formula gel, with a dielectric constant of 1,200ε.
  3. Cool Call absorbs unwanted electromagnetic frequencies that either parallel track the less than 1 volt signal travelling up the cable or act as an antenna for ambient electromagnetic frequencies.
  4. Cool Call does not need batteries, is strong and simple to use

Safety Through Science 

Cool Call from Sounding Good plugs into all mobile phones and headphones* and electromagnetic frequencies generated from the phone, (which travel up the cable, past the thyroid, salivary glands, oral cavity and into the brain), are dissipated by our powerful dielectric formula contained in a unique sealed container within Cool Call.

* Note that an adapter may be required for some phones or headphones as Cool Call uses a 3.5mm audio jack and jack socket.

Cool Call does not require batteries, is completely safe to use and does not degrade the quality of the audio - in fact, by removing interference from the cable, many users find that the audio quality is enhanced.

Remember that children are even more vulnerable than adults and all the time they listen to music on their phones through a corded headset they are receiving a constant stream of microwave radiation - unless they use Cool Call.

Improved Audio Quality 
With Cool Call

Because Cool Call absorbs microwave which travels up the cable of corded headphones and earphones it also removes interference and improves the audio quality. Music sounds clearer and smoother without loss of detail.

Better audio and less exposure to microwave, Cool Call is the best of both worlds.


Are Mobile Cell Phones Dangerous?

Independent experts from around the World have raised major concerns that mobile cell phones may be hazardous to users, so we have developed technology to reduce this potential danger. Many people believe that wired headsets protect against radiation by distancing the phone from the head, but unfortunately this is not true - as the UK Consumers Association (the publishers of Which magazine) have proved in tests.

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